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  1. Yeah that’s unfortunate I saw it in my store couple days ago and now with this slow a** rotation who knows when it will be back

  2. I did play several games on war zone with him and as I parachute 🪂 I Switch to 3rd person and it still looks normal on mine.

  3. Why do the skins proceed to get worse and worse the further in the season? Like the skins at first looks cool but then a few days in and… Nah, nah, they just make it look butters

    1. I mean, this isn’t really an original skin. It’s based off of African folktales (most of grinch’s skins are)

  4. It fires explosive 🧨 bolts! It fun to take out tanks and helicopters 🚁 with the explosive bolts and multiple kills when you stick someone with it

  5. This might be the worst skin in the game.

    The front part of him wearing just shorts and no clothes is so dumb and ugly looking.

    1. This skin is bugged in-game. The gloves and arms in-game are different than what the skin should be. Anyone any idea if IW/Activision fix these kind of visual bugs on skins?

        1. It is in Warzone and I heard it also from other people. The gloves should be some kind of white, but in-game they are camo. Beside that his facecloth in 3rd person when parachuting is not visible and his forearms are different in-game (in-game his forearms are like he is wearing some jacket, but it should be only tattoos)