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  1. That’s rich coming from a person who think the pinnacle of their existence is containing their girth to one chair.

  2. Does anyone know what the watch says under the time? Because it says something I just can’t make it out.

  3. If you want the hair to render properly. Set anti-aliasing to filmic SMAA and set filmic strenght to 0.1

    1. Same problem here, checked graphics settings and reinstalled shaders, still looking like a spider web over a shaved head.

  4. the picture for the bundle looks like that one meme, “wait, it’s all ____?” “always has been”.

    1. So any picture with two astronauts and earth in the background is now that meme? Not even positioned similarly nor does one have a gun.

      1. actually it’s positioned in a similar way, just a different camera angle. If everything being connect is such a big problem, then you must have hated I II II I_.

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I’ve been waiting for this skin bundle. It has a Alien movie vibe to her. The skin, Gun and Animated Emblem are fire. The watch ain’t bad also.

      1. Waiting on the new Mara bundle also. You figure there’s less than 2 weeks before Season 5. Has to be out before then. Mara and the other bundle- Ragnarok. Think those are the last two skins for the season. So hopefully Mara comes Tuesday. Ragnarok on Friday.