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  1. just go to the loadouts and go to ak-47 find the last rites blueprint in the store tab next to gunsmith and you should be able to see the whole bundle there and purchase.

  2. Is there any other way to purchase these besides the in game store?. I hesitated to buy the darkness falls and when I finally decided to say fuck it I’m copping it, it unfortunately rotated out of the in game store and who knows when it’ll be back

    1. It’s actually simple. You need to go to Edit in your loadouts. When you go to select your primary weapon, look in the Assault rifles section and just select the AK-47. Once you find it, besides the Ak-47 icon you can see the option to buy a blueprint in the store for that weapon. Now you need to find the Darkness Falls blueprint, and there you will see the option to buy the operator pack including the blueprint for the weapon, the operator skin, and the rest of the stuff. That’s how I got it.

  3. Bought it today because I liked the deep blue with the red accents, turned out to be standard gray with red accents, am I missing something? Can anyone help me out here

    1. Yes and No. It is limited as in, it will leave the store in a couple of days. No, as in you will be able to buy this bundle again although it could be weeks/months before it returns 👍

    1. mil sim already has a cool gas mask skin. Otter had a cool one but it was a pre-order bonus. Kinda sad how this skin is much better than the Crew Expendable one…

  4. Well happy after using this skin….missed out on launch day pre order skin crew expendable otter. This is even better and all black. Finally a decent new skin to purchase…

  5. Thats one crisp skin there….between this and the wetland protection bundle out today, both of these skins hand down are better then anything in the season 5 battle pass. Proper let down that is….

      1. The operator skin unlocks the operator too. So go to the operators tab, select Rodion, and a button should pop up saying “customize”. You can select the “Red Death” skin from there and it should change the appearance of Rodion. For PS4, the customize button is triangle. I dunno about the other platforms tho