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    1. Can you still get this skin after this season ends, would it still come back in the store or only this season

  1. I don’t know why they just don’t have a place to buy all of the operators skins that have came out they had the one I wanted then the next time I looked it was gone they need to fix this

  2. Please bring this item back to the store or at least make it more common. As a girl, I’d be nice to have more options and skins for female operators. Charly is my go to Operator and this is one of the coolest looking skins for her. Been waiting close to a month for it’s return and no luck. But alas, I’m a patient girl. But still 😛

  3. I think 1100 is more suitable, the voice is crap and the 2 weapon blueprints arent worth it.
    Skin is nice though