1. trust me, all ghillied up isn’t that good of a skin. Never used it too often. imo Night Fang is the better ghillie suit skin

      1. oh and btw, you can still get the “all ghillied up” skin right now. If you buy the battle pass edition of the game (on the ps4 store online website, not the ps4 store on console). I don’t know if it works, but I saw it a while ago. Maybe they fixed it.

  1. Release a Mara bundle please, I’m sure a lot of people who missed the season 1 skin would be more than happy to buy her bundle.

    1. nikita is in my store has been for last 4 days…its been 6 week since ive waited for arachnid and lights out bundles still nothing

  2. Over a month for 2 bundles to show up?? yet i keep getting the same trash bundles rotating every 2-3 days wtf is going on. Arachnid and lights out.

  3. I saw a Black operator with a deep voice today, anybody know how to unlock? I can’t even find him on the game.

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