1. Please drop the Talon bundle again soon! My birthday is coming up and I really hope to get Talon and the Blackbear blueprint.

  2. When will the nikto bundle be available i have been saving my cod credits to buy it but now I can’t find it

  3. If I buy a bundle another shows up. Show me ALL the bundles so I can choose. The store setup socks. Worst I’ve seen

  4. New to the game, can someone confirm if previous bundles such as Guerrilla which had Subterfuge blueprint is no longer available to purchase. Thanks

    1. Bundles do come back unfortunately we don’t know when. Keep checking the frontpage of this site or the in-game store to see which bundles are available.

  5. When will you add an Operator bundle with Mara pls? And can you allow us to buy anything at all time? I’m waiting for the Marauder and Nikto bundle… GTX

  6. Why cant you just put all in the store.. I bet all of us player won’t mind spending some money to buy what they need whether its weapon blueprint or operator skin..

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