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  1. Go to operators click ghost and choose the skin you want and on the righ top should have a box click and buy

  2. Two questions:

    1) I somehow lost the 15 min cool down on the ISO Hemlock – possibly by making modifications to the original Loose Ends config. I go to ‘My Bundles’, select this one, and re-equip the gun to my 1st insured slot, but when I return to the game it’s still the modified Hemlock, and if I loose it in game I have a 60 min cool down.

    2) Do I have to use one of the Ghost skins to get the 2-plate and 15 minute cool-down?

    1. You can still buy it, if you go to choose an insured weapon on DMZ and go to the ISO Hemlock and select store, you can buy any bundle which has an ISO in and the pack will be there to buy.

    1. Nein, gehen Sie zum Iso-Hemlock-Sturmgewehr, wählen Sie es aus, gehen Sie zur Registerkarte „Shop“ und suchen Sie nach losen Enden. Es ist im Shop nicht sichtbar, Sie können aber trotzdem darauf zugreifen.