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  1. basically a 2 for 1 bundle. you can buy from the shop section (all the way at the bottom) and buy it and it’s the same price as a Kawaii Mara or Grim Reaper Ghost. play smart, buy this and get your next 2400 CoD Points on another bundle like Kawaii Mara, Grim Reaper Ghost or even Land of Oz Mara.

  2. If you’re just planning to purchase $20 worth of COD Points, then it’s just way more economical to get this pack first if you haven’t already

  3. Was not happy that this skin is extremely similar to his old one that came out Season 2. But absolutely love the FiNN blueprint. It’s gorgeous with VLK3.0. My fav scope!

    1. Activision should have released THIS skin with Ghost Pack: Contingency as it is a snow skin, and the campaign level Contingency from MW2 is a snow level.