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  1. It’s back! Not in the official “Store” tab for me, but the blueprint for Necrosis (Holger-26) is finally in the Armory under the “Weapons” tab.

      1. The Armory shows both what you blueprints you own and don’t own.

        The ones you own are shown first, and the ones that have a little tag at the top right of each blueprint are ones you don’t own and can buy—these are shown further below when you scroll down.

  2. 49 days (7weeks) was between when this bundle came out and when it appeared a second time, tomorrow (15th) will be 49 days (7 weeks) since the second time (May 27th) the bundle released again so there is a high chance it will drop within the week as it last dropped on a daily update rather than the weekly update. Just my two cents of when it will be back, hopefully.

  3. So you guys drop the blueprint buy ability straight into the armory but don’t bother throwing Necrosis in, so I can’t even find Arachnid that way. Nice job clowns👌🏻

    1. Man, it’s a joke, I have all packs for Domino in just for you since 1 week but not the Arachnid.
      The worst part is that today they put me a pack to pay 20 level of combat pass while I am already at level 100 for 1 month. It takes one place for nothing

  4. Omg still not in store its been over a month and all im getting is the same trash bundles every 2-3 days. Waiting for this and lights out bundle which also hasn’t been in store for over a month

  5. I have been waiting so patiently please bring this one back. I bought the coins for this bundle not the battle pass but I ended up completing the battle pass. before you guys could release this again so I bought the battle pass and got all my coins back from the battle pass. and I’m still waiting for this. I dont get why you guys won’t bring it back. it’s only been up for 2 days than disappeared. I have only seen it once in the store will it not come back for a second time ?

    1. So you men and women out there are still waiting for this bundle. now i do quote the devs of the game) “they said they have no idea when bundles will be coming back” which bullshit because they run the game. My second (quote from there website Activision.com) “says bundles will be up for 1 week” which bullshit because this bundle has only been up for 2 days than disappeared. And ever sinces than we have never saw this bundle which is again bullshit because its been 58 days since this bundles release date i wonder if we will ever see this again who knows i guess just keep checking the store and find out

        1. It’s almost 1 week and still not in store, why did it changed soo fast, I think it only lasted 3 days in the store. It’s a new bundle for season 3… yet we can’t buy it anymore. Please bring it back, I saved up cod points just for this.