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  1. This bundle is back!!! I personally am waiting for Asanbosam but it’s still cool that this sought after bundle is back in the shop.

    1. Josh do you happen to know the bundle URL if you have a look at your locker online? Honestly been waiting 5 months for this bundle too, I check everyday and it never comes up!

  2. Are you actually serious???? Because I have been waiting for 7 months for this bundle to show up, but it never did

  3. Been waiting about 7 months for this pack to return, no luck. 🙁 Always checked cause I know the store changes every 24 hours. Not sure if they don’t want to add this pack back, maybe they forgot, or maybe they’re are literally unable too. But I really hope they start finding these websites and listening to us. Would love to get this pack because Modern Warfare is my main played game right now. Please bring it out Activision. <3

  4. how can i buy this now as i go to the armoury and i cant find the gun or knife, have they taken it down all together ?

    1. Go to weapons and then store for that weapon. If it’s not there u gotta wait. the store refreshes every 24 hours so check regularly.

  5. It was in the store for less than 24 hours. Are you kidding me? Grinded trials to get XP since I was one battle pass tier away from the CP necessary. But nope, woke up this morning to round out the grind and its gone again.

  6. Bring it back I licherally just got money to buy the day it got taken out, plz bring it back one time.

  7. Literally the only thing I want from this pack is the campaign M19. Why’d they have to lock it behind 20 bucks ;-;

  8. guys if you want it go on operators > coalition > otter > then there should be a bundle pack there and you can buy it

  9. I have a question, i have seen multiple colors for this skin, so instead of a blue scuba suit, a black one for example. If this is the case, i would buy it for sure. You guys got any info about this?

      1. bring it back please everyone wants it i recommend listening to your players as i am one of then otherwise you’ll end up like fortnite