1. every bundle in the game that has ever been released is now available in armory blueprints….and yes that includes the mystical sentinal and cleanup crew! Enjoy the next 3 months of modern warfare, call of duty cold war is up next for the next gen probably in november!

  2. Where the Kodiak pack? It’s missing! It used to be on this list and now it’s gone. Page 4 and 5 have 3 bundles that are copied.

        1. I’m honestly not seeing it. Page 3 and 4 have repeated copies of the demon dogs and chimera packs but no kodiak pack

  3. I saw a new skin in game and have no idea what pack it is or what operator. I specifically remember it looked like a ghillie or trench coat all black outfit with gold lace or ornamental scribe all up and down the character. I’d really like to know what it is.

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