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  1. Can you bring back Alejandro Vargas to purchase, I don’t think it’s fair you had him as a season 3 mw2 battle pass unlockable.

  2. Please… Add Roze behind the skin back and the saw bundle. I am tired to checking everyday. Everyday I waiting those bundles. Sob.. sob..

  3. Does anyone know what pack the pyramid with an eye in the middle of it (calling card) as well as the money with an eye in it (emblem) is called? Or what’s in it so I can search via the gun blueprints?

  4. Does anyone know why I can’t get the operator I just purchased or the guns and why did the bundle disappear I purchased the new roze skin and all I got was the cod points you get with the bundle and then the bundle dissappeared where is the operator and guns that come with it????!!!!!!

  5. Please please release a new Mara skin, more like season one, I hate the cat ears crap, she’s too bad ass for that. I have “there’s no place like home” but come on, she looks so much better in the earlier seasons. Please!

  6. Why hasn’t the main page been updated in the past few days? I can’t see Rambo, John mcclane, test dummy, night shade, or chopper gunner there. Only when I click the operators & identities tab do I see them.

  7. How I can find someone with old Grau bundle to sell it to me? Is it still possible to get them by gift?

    1. Most bundles are giftable through the companion app. Search google for people who are trading. I don’t think I can link sites here.

  8. Please come back with the explosive ordinance bundle or the bale tachanka uniform. I’m trying to buy that for so long now.

  9. I wish they would bring back some Captain price skins. He’s never in my store.I keep getting the same ones over and over (Sims, Mara, etc)

    1. YES!!! Preferably something like season one, without all of the lame cat and anime stuff 🤞🏼

  10. Are they ever going to re-release the old bundles of the past again. Like the original Mara, Price and Ghost bundles? Because of family issues, I missed out on the whole Warzone launch. I’m definitely one to pay up the money if their re-released again.

  11. Why remove the easy access to bundles!!! Store icon next to guns is missing a lot of blueprints and armory doesn’t show them up either !!! Well my money can wait in my pocket until the fix this!!!

    1. Yes that is a pretty bad move by them, i wanted this operator pack so bad but didn’t have the money to buy it, now that i have the money its fucking gone…

    2. Yeah im still waiting on season 1 death bringer bundle iit doesnt show up anywhere under blueprints or armoury etc thionk they have removed afew . Hope they bring the old OG bundles back in future updates

  12. i just want them to put up the milsim skins from the previous seasons onto the store because I missed the shadow company skin and the russian one

  13. every bundle in the game that has ever been released is now available in armory blueprints….and yes that includes the mystical sentinal and cleanup crew! Enjoy the next 3 months of modern warfare, call of duty cold war is up next for the next gen probably in november!

  14. Where the Kodiak pack? It’s missing! It used to be on this list and now it’s gone. Page 4 and 5 have 3 bundles that are copied.

        1. I’m honestly not seeing it. Page 3 and 4 have repeated copies of the demon dogs and chimera packs but no kodiak pack

  15. I saw a new skin in game and have no idea what pack it is or what operator. I specifically remember it looked like a ghillie or trench coat all black outfit with gold lace or ornamental scribe all up and down the character. I’d really like to know what it is.

    1. No, the all ghillied up skin is from the gold edition I believe or exclusive to preorder. Idk i preorded the gold edition

  16. I NEED the Golem skin, COLD BLOOD “Winter Worrior” PLEASE Bring it back ASAP. PLEEEEEEEASE 🤜🤛

  17. Jumping spider bundle??????????? Wtf, i am waiting for a about a month now to show up in store.
    Give us a OG m4 blueprint!!!

  18. Release a Mara bundle please, I’m sure a lot of people who missed the season 1 skin would be more than happy to buy her bundle!!! Thank you!! 🙂

    1. trust me, all ghillied up isn’t that good of a skin. Never used it too often. imo Night Fang is the better ghillie suit skin

      1. oh and btw, you can still get the “all ghillied up” skin right now. If you buy the battle pass edition of the game (on the ps4 store online website, not the ps4 store on console). I don’t know if it works, but I saw it a while ago. Maybe they fixed it.

  19. Release a Mara bundle please, I’m sure a lot of people who missed the season 1 skin would be more than happy to buy her bundle.

    1. nikita is in my store has been for last 4 days…its been 6 week since ive waited for arachnid and lights out bundles still nothing

      1. Same here, waiting for that Ligh Out bundle, last seen in shop was 12 April. Some bundle come and go weekly, where TF* are these 2 ones

  20. Over a month for 2 bundles to show up?? yet i keep getting the same trash bundles rotating every 2-3 days wtf is going on. Arachnid and lights out.

  21. I saw a Black operator with a deep voice today, anybody know how to unlock? I can’t even find him on the game.

  22. Please drop the Talon bundle again soon! My birthday is coming up and I really hope to get Talon and the Blackbear blueprint.

  23. When will the nikto bundle be available i have been saving my cod credits to buy it but now I can’t find it

  24. If I buy a bundle another shows up. Show me ALL the bundles so I can choose. The store setup socks. Worst I’ve seen

  25. New to the game, can someone confirm if previous bundles such as Guerrilla which had Subterfuge blueprint is no longer available to purchase. Thanks

    1. Bundles do come back unfortunately we don’t know when. Keep checking the frontpage of this site or the in-game store to see which bundles are available.

  26. When will you add an Operator bundle with Mara pls? And can you allow us to buy anything at all time? I’m waiting for the Marauder and Nikto bundle… GTX

  27. Why cant you just put all in the store.. I bet all of us player won’t mind spending some money to buy what they need whether its weapon blueprint or operator skin..

  28. Someone know how is called the female version of Otter Crew Expandable? the blue one with a hoodie and a gas mask, but the female version doesn’t have a mask

  29. People who have joined the game because of Warzone will get a chance to buy Mara too since alot of them missed out in the s1 battlepass. Agreed she will make a killing even if its a crap skin just so she can be unlocked

  30. They would clearly making a killing $$ with any Mara bundle / new skins, so don’t see why they don’t make one. Bets one will be coming soon anyway and watch how many people (especially from Warzone) will fork it out $$$ I would.

    1. Anybody know what the female ninja skin operator is? And if it’s available to buy or is it mission/battle pass unlocks?

  31. It’s still gonna be in rotation post-season 2. You can wait for it to appear in either featured or Just For You. Mace will definitely come back in circulation.