MW II Season 04 Free Access

Play Multiplayer for FREE in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II between June 22 and June 26. Play over 20 modes and deploy to over 10 maps including the new Season 04 locations, Showdown and Kunstenaar District.

Get a taste of the new Multiplayer content now live in Season 04 during the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II Free Access period, from June 22 through 26.

Deploy to the classic map Showdown, as well as a new map in Vondel known as Kunstenaar District, as part of a total offering of ten Core maps and three Battle maps.

From series veterans to Multiplayer-curious Call of Duty: Warzone™ players, the Season 04 Free Access period is ready to welcome the entire Call of Duty community into a Multiplayer experience that you can try before you consider an upgrade to Modern Warfare II:

Play the New Season 04 Core Maps

Showdown: Originally featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the iconic Showdown map returns to challenge players with its deadly central courtyard surrounded by arched portals from which attacks threaten from above and below.

The perimeter presents its own challenges as Operators are funneled into narrow engagements against enemies near and far, including those escaping the courtyard and looking for action on the outside. Learn to operate in all sections of the map to overcome your opponents, keeping them guessing your every move.

Get more intel on this map with our in-depth Showdown map guide.

Kunstenaar District: Vondel’s scenic arts district features boutique shops, townhouses, and a neighborhood brewery in an area adorned with street art. Take a swim in the canal to avoid detection and watch your flank when moving past the central plaza. Use the map’s tight interiors to move across its traditional three-lane structure while pre-empting close-quarters threats from within.

Get more intel on this map with our in-depth Kunstenaar District map guide.

Go Big with Battle Maps, Plus Hardcore and Third Person

Engage in large-scale combat with three Free Access Battle Maps, supporting large player counts in expansive environments. Supported modes include the traditional Ground War, where players fight for control of multiple objectives across the map, Invasion, combining players and AI opponents for a multifaceted combat experience, and more.

Free Access players can also try Hardcore for added immersion, including limited HUD elements, friendly fire, and reduced health. And for those seeking a different perspective than the traditional first-person view, try the over-the-shoulder Third Person mode, granting a wider perspective of the environment and a fuller view of your Operator.

All Supported Maps and Modes

The full list of maps and modes that will be available to Free Access players includes:

6v6 Core Maps: Al Bagra Fortress, Breenbergh Hotel, Dome, Embassy, Farm 18, Kunstenaar District, Mercado Las Almas, Shipment, Shoothouse, Showdown

Battle Maps: Ahkdar Village, Guijarro, Mawizeh Marsh

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Search & Destroy

Hardcore and Third Person Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind

Party Modes: Gun Game, All or Nothing, One in the Chamber, Infected

Battle Map Modes: Ground War, Invasion, Search & Destroy, Prisoner Rescue

Core Playlists: Showdown 24/7, Shipment 24/7, 6v6 MP Moshpit, 6v6 Search & Destroy, HC Shipment 24/7, Third Person Moshpit, Party Modes

Battle Map Playlists: Ground War/Invasion Moshpit, 12v12 Search & Destroy and Prisoner Rescue

Multi-Platform Modern Warfare II Sale

If you like what you see and decide to make the purchase, keep the following sales (based on MSRP, at participating retailers) in mind taking place across a variety of platforms and game editions:

PlayStation®: From June 21 through July 5, get 30% off the Modern Warfare II Vault Edition.

Xbox: From June 20 through June 28, get 45% off the Modern Warfare II Cross-Gen Bundle. From June 20 through July 5, get 45% off the Modern Warfare II Standard Edition and 30% off the Modern Warfare II Vault Edition.

Steam: From June 29 through July 13, get 45% off the Modern Warfare II Standard Edition and 30% off the Modern Warfare II Vault Edition.

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Free Access begins on June 22 at 10 AM PT and ends on June 26 at 10 AM PT. An additional download is required to play. See your platform for details on file size.

Stay frosty.    

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