Detailing the New Weapon Blueprint Type: Mastercrafts

As you’ve seen, a new Weapon Blueprint type has been added: Mastercrafts. This Weapon Blueprint type not only provides a phenomenal pre-configured gun to use as a baseline for a new loadout, but also adds a one-of-a-kind flair to a weapon sure to turn heads in the lobby. Here’s what you need to know about Mastercrafts, as detailed in The Prestige Primer Episode 6.

Detailing Mastercrafts

As part of Season One, Black Ops Cold War introduced Ultra rarity, a special designation given to wild and badass Weapon Blueprint creations known as Mastercrafts.

Similar to a Legendary Weapon Blueprint, Mastercrafts come pre-configured with five attachments, meaning you won’t need to level up that Blueprint’s base weapon to use them on this specific Blueprint.

If you haven’t already unlocked all the attachments for a specific weapon, these give you the opportunity to use otherwise-locked attachments as you level up the weapon. Even if you are one of the few in the community who have every weapon at max level, these pre-finished attachment combinations can help you experiment with a particular weapon to have it fit your personal playstyle. Who knows? It might just be the configuration you needed all along to dominate the competition or the undead.

Of course, if that was all there was to Mastercrafts, we wouldn’t be dedicating a Prestige Primer to them.

Mastercrafts are the most unique Weapon Blueprints in Call of Duty to date, as the developers at Treyarch have gone beyond reality to give these special weapons a complete thematic overhaul. From the tip of the barrel to the butt of the stock, a Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint is nothing like any of its peers within its base weapon family.

Icbrifle Mastercraft AK-47 Skin Ultra blueprint in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone
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One of these incredible Blueprints was already available in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: the “ICBRifle.” This assault rifle, available in the “Rocket Science” Mastercraft Bundle, places a miniature rocket that shoots exhaust flames on top of a powerful heavy hitter for mid-range engagements.

Another one of these Mastercrafts roared into the Store this week, and is the subject of our Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week breakdown.

collectors item mint condition ak-47u
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Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week

As part of the “Mint Condition” Mastercraft Bundle, the “Collector’s Item” is a must-have Mastercraft for any collection.

On top of converting an SMG into a colorful dragon, the “Collector’s Item” includes five attachments that make it a great balanced option for mixed vehicle game modes in Multiplayer or the wild frontiers of Warzone.

Its versatility can be linked directly to its Barrel. The 8.4” Calvary Lancer, acting as the face of this menacing multicolored beast, significantly boosts Vehicle Damage with no downsides, making it great for taking down squads joyriding around Verdansk in an SUV or zipping by on a Snowmobile in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.

You’ll also have a boost in speed without the need for a vehicle thanks to the Duster Stock, which buffs Slide Speed slightly, and the Red Cell Foregrip, an Underbarrel attachment that increases Sprinting Move Speed and Melee Quickness significantly.

As for the other attachments, it has an Ember Sighting Point for a great combination of Hip Fire Accuracy and Reveal Distance buffs, which is perfect for dealing with enemies up close and spotting them at range. There’s also the KGB Eliminator muzzle, which cuts the weapon’s vertical recoil by a large amount and conceals muzzle flash by 85%. Together, these attachments build this weapon out for a variety of combat situations, although you could slap on a drum magazine in place of one of these attachments to better deal with multi-squad fights.

No matter how you configure the “Collector’s Item,” it’s a draconic masterpiece that can slay many a warrior in close quarters, and comes alongside the kill-counting “Mail-In Order” Watch and five other items within the “Mint Condition” Mastercraft Bundle.

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