Call of Duty: Warzone – March 28th Patch Notes


Perk Adjustments

We see this chapter of Warzone as an ever-evolving and layered gameplay space where we want both counterplay and interplay between systems to be viable. We want to provide Players with a variety of tools to create even more interesting stories or “big-brain” plays that take advantage of systems in ways that we as developers never thought possible.

Perks are going to make for a significant part of the push towards this objective. The changes observed today represent a glimpse of what is to come in Season Three.

Below are the outlined adjustments:

  • Scavenger
    • The pouch will now have a cyan outline for those with Scavenger equipped.
    • Increased dissipation time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • The pouch now gives +1 Armor Plate on top of previous items.
    • Text update.

Scavenger was originally built for a multiplayer encounter where your eliminations are typically easy to reach and foot traffic aligns with elimination zones. In a Battle Royale setting, Players have a lot more space to cover and a lot more time passes in between encounters. With this change we aim to assist in identifying where your spoils of war are located while also providing more time to acquire them. The update to the items may seem small but a more aggressive Player may see better results in staying stocked up on gear.

  • Restock
    • Recharge time reduced from 50 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Stim is now on a 60 second timer to reduce spam and gas abuse.
    • Incorrect ingame text “50s” will be updated in a future update.

Restock saw an increase in time with the original launch of Battle Royale. As Warzone has evolved, it has become noticeable that its strength has diminished. We want there to be stronger choices in the Red category of Perks that heavily impact the playstyle around the respective Perk, and there is an opportunity with this revamp to create room for experimenting with various equipment that doesn’t get as much love.

  • E.O.D.
    • E.O.D. will reduce damage or cap the damage whichever is higher.
    • Raised cap on explosive damage from 80 to 200.
    • Raise damage reduction from 35% to 45%.
    • Text update.

With the adjustment to lethals dealing more damage in Season 1, we wanted to align E.O.D. with those changes so there is a viable counter in the Perk meta.

  • Quick Fix
    • Inserting an Armor Plate will now begin regenerating health.
    • Text update.

Quick Fix was already a decent meta contender but similar to the other perks it was primarily built for Multiplayer. This change makes its effect more potent in a Battle Royale setting and we hope will lead to some really fascinating plays.

  • Ghost
    • The “Ghost” stealth effect will now only apply if the Player is moving.
    • Players can observe this via the arrow representing their Operator in the minimap fading when “Ghost” is active.
    • A text update will be coming in the future to clarify these changes.

In a pre-Caldera world, Ghost has always been very beneficial. However, in Caldera it is obvious that it has become even stronger with the ability to seek visual cover in foliage across the map. With this change we aim to balance the Perk around being mobile or being stationary, to provide more counter play opportunities around the Ghost perk. We are thoroughly looking at the stealth and detection meta with the intent to create more value in the options available to acquire and combat it. 

  • We’ve also updated tooltip text for the following Perks:
    • Tune Up
    • Kill Chain
    • Pointman
    • Hardline

We would like to thank all of our Players in the community who have made suggestions and generated discussions around Perks in Warzone. Please continue to provide feedback as we move towards some of the best Seasons of Warzone yet!

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