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  1. i’m looking on the call of duty app bcuz i’m not home and i went to the store and the tracer pack violet anime isn’t showing up for cold war

    1. Want to buy also. Can’t find in warzone since cold war took over. Can it still be purchased in modern warfare and then carry over to warzone?

  2. great job with this bundle..please do more COLOUR TRACERS! orange, yellow,cyan etc. i will buy them all!


    1. that sounds like a pretty bad loadout tbh. The operator foregrip is objectively an utterly useless attachment – the merc foregrip does everything it does, but better and with less penalty. Check out http://www.codgundata.com the next time you are working on your loadouts for true stats.

  4. Could you please make more types of grau blueprints i lioe how they are turning out but it just seems like the way they are built is off for example the people with out it that buy a blueprint they cant change the attachments if you could male more versions of the grau i will be 100% buying them if they turn out well!

  5. When the item shop changes will it still be in because i saw when the shop changed some of the packs stayed so i was just wondering will this one stay?
    Cuz im most likely gonna get it in a day or two. And only 14 hours left

  6. If i buy this pack can is use the Grau? Did not unlocked the gun but can i play with the grau on with this setup? Or do i only het the blueprint and still can’t use the grau?

    1. Yes you can and you also level the gun but you can’t change the attachments until you unlock the gun

  7. wen you buy this do you unlock the grau or just a blueprint of the grau (i havent unlocked the grau) if any of you know a method to unlock the grau please tell me

    1. You get to use the grau. But you can’t customise it, so you have to use the attachments already on the gun. If you want you I can help you unlock the grau if your on Xbox. Dm me on ig. @gtf.15

      1. there i dmed you on insta my insta name is leif.lawrence also could you help me unlock the grau- im on ps4 and my gamertage is swihrlzyZN

  8. Doesn’t work. I don’t use laser and I use a different scope.
    It takes away the tracer for me. Wtf. Does it do this for everyone?

    1. You need to ensure the “Prototype magazine” is equipped so you are farting purple dust. The others attachments don’t matter.

    2. I use different barrels, different scopes, different magazines and it works. Replacing the receiver takes away the tracer.

  9. I bought the purple tracer pack i edit the bleuprint but no purple tracers comibg out of the gun ???
    Someone who can help me .
    Problem with the two guns

    1. Make sure when you edit the magazine you go to the blueprint option and and select the purple tracer rounds. hope this helps

  10. Can you buy tracer packs like this without owning the season pass? And I having not unlocked the Grau?
    Ie, if I buy it, do I get the gun?

    1. Io nemmeno ho il grau.. Sblocchi il progetto del grau.. Cioè quell arma così come è… Non puoi modificare niente se prima non sblocchi il grau.. Insomma avrai un grau con le impostazioni scelte da loro.. Ti assicuro che è buono comunque

    2. Yes you get the blueprint but you can’t edit anything on it like different stock etc. for this you have to unlock the gun itself. You can only play with the attachments of the blueprint

    1. I think gamesatlas is clearest (is that even a word?) place to check all guns. U can take base weapon and it shows all.

  11. I bought this one and it is absolutely gorgeous. Still waiting for the anime tracer pack though. Waiting for that one for 5 weeks now..

    1. I’ve had the in my store probably five times in the past two weeks. I’m looking for the Kodiak and can’t get it

    1. Yo where do I get the okay gesture I’ve been trying to get it for a while but I don’t know where to get it.