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  1. Does anybody know the calling that has like an red moon or sun and an mointain in the background and on the right is a cherrytree?

  2. I. Ought this and I no longer see it in my calling cards wtf? Still have fire hose variant but calling card and emblem are both gone. Why?

  3. After playin warzone i consider it would be worth buyin the battle pass Version and mouse + keyboard.. But damn it makes me sad not gettin this Bundle in the store since i started playin end of season 2.. Cmon why is it that limited and can u bring Dome more like tge gardener II and III like i did with others.. Man i loved those pot icons and cards in mw2 and mw3.. Guys dont underestimate how much a stoner like me would pay for stuff like that.. Even weaponskins i hope to see.. I buy every fkn Bundle

  4. Found a fire hose, used it, loved it, and won a solo game with it. I had no idea, at the time, you could get this by buying the pack. Would LOVE to buy, please bring it back.