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  1. i seen this about a week ago on modern warfare n i was gonna buy it couple days later n realized its not on the game armory no more i was thinking wtf?

  2. Does anybody know the calling that has like an red moon or sun and an mointain in the background and on the right is a cherrytree?

  3. I. Ought this and I no longer see it in my calling cards wtf? Still have fire hose variant but calling card and emblem are both gone. Why?

  4. After playin warzone i consider it would be worth buyin the battle pass Version and mouse + keyboard.. But damn it makes me sad not gettin this Bundle in the store since i started playin end of season 2.. Cmon why is it that limited and can u bring Dome more like tge gardener II and III like i did with others.. Man i loved those pot icons and cards in mw2 and mw3.. Guys dont underestimate how much a stoner like me would pay for stuff like that.. Even weaponskins i hope to see.. I buy every fkn Bundle

  5. Found a fire hose, used it, loved it, and won a solo game with it. I had no idea, at the time, you could get this by buying the pack. Would LOVE to buy, please bring it back.

  6. This is officially my main weapon. I love this bundle out of all others. It was worth the money.

    1. We currently do not know when bundles will come back, keep checking our site to see which bundles are in the current store!