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  1. i really want it now but it is season 3 caldera, is there a way to get it or is it coming back to the store

  2. Its in my shop today under blueprints tab!! Just bought and could not be more excited even though the game is pretty much dead lmaoooo

  3. Is store now on modernwarfare goto weapons goto HDR and goto the store tab beside it as I don’t think its visible straight via the store

  4. So I have seen Tacticolor I, III, & IV bundles in my item shop in the past month or so, but I just want Tacticolor II. I do not know what else I need to do for this to come back in m shop.

    1. Nope I’m trying to find it. I think they removed that stuff cause they fucked warzone up when they added Cold War shit into it

    1. I got this bundle today, always check under the armory option in the weapons tab. Random bundles which arent in the store sometimes show up there. The blueprints will show under the blueprints you already have. Good luck.

      1. me 2 i just got it today, but i had been checking my armory too, in fact several times a day, it was never there, its been like a month or so now already and finally got it today.

    2. just the scope is useful, b4 i never cared and in warzone from ground loot i learnt that this scope gives u a clear periphery outside whereas the default hdr var zoom scope doesnt. i put this scope on my hdr variant i use for ground war and warzone.

      1. That’s the only thing I want to the scope it’s more better then other ones I gues I have to wait till it shows up

  5. Please bring this bundle back to the shop, i was really hoping to buy this yesterday on my birthday .

    1. Will this come back again, I haven’t seen it for over a week? And what do you mean, buy a pack and it will show?

      1. Don’t buy bundles in hope for a specific bundle to show up since it’s random which bundle will replace it.

  6. BRING IT BACK PLEASE…. bought the COD point to purchase it, and then you literally took the pack out of the store the next day. Very disappointing