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  1. If you go to armory it’ll most likely be there or hover over the gun and go to the store section next to the gunsmith option for the gun

  2. Still waiting for this QQ. Started playing the game around the beginning of March,… it was on and off the store a few times. Decided I liked the game and bought it after playing WarZone and then decided I was willing to spend money on cosmetics and then never saw it again since,… over two months ago. I see it is a season one pack so maybe they only let packs run for one season after it is initially put in then removed for ever I guess. I have bought so many other packs for 2400 and I just want the 800 point Sushi Dinner Kraken pack please!!! About to buy the 1200 surprise pack for the vehicle camo only lol. Two things,… really wish the store was bigger and just had ALL the past packs in a history tab or something not to mention how much more money they would make. Second thing is I really wish when you bought a blueprint package that you could use the camo on any weapon like the CDL team pack camos!!!

  3. It’ll rotate back into the store eventually. Depends I think on what blueprints you’ve already bought too. I just had the gambler pop up today after not seeing it in ages.

  4. So do I have to wait for this to show up in game on the “Just for me” list on the shop again or is there something I am missing to find it in game? Can it be bought outside the game on some website or here or what’s the deal with these offerings!?