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  1. I’ve read that the weapon blueprints in this pack focus on accuracy with little recoil. I wonder if that’s true…

    1. Galapagos blueprint (m13) increases accuracy the most. Then range. It has a lowered mobility, but it’s most likely because of the 60 round mags. If you want increased mobility, just level the gun up until you get either “no-stock” or “merc foregrip”. The Anole blueprint (mp5) has a higher accuracy and fire rate. It doesn’t necessarily have a high recoil control, but the mp5 has low recoil to start with. If you want to increase recoil control on the Anole blueprint, just level the gun up until you get the “merc foregrip” attachment. I’d subsitute it for the reflex sight, but some people don’t like iron sights so it’s personal preference