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  1. dAng, i sure know it wouldnt come back but rly my intension to buy this is i have gotten this good chinese friend at steam called dream killer lol (with purple tEch themed profile kinda same aesthetic with this… nvm) everytime playing such game filled with sweaty tryhards somethin bout this could remind that chinAese often. A STUPID LIL PERSONAL THING, IF WE GONNA PAY MONEY FOR IT, CMON JUST SELL US TAEK MY MOENY PLZPZLZPZZLZL BRING BACK IN SHOP (((((((((((((((((I AM BIG DESPERATE))))))))))))) WITH ANIME TIDDEIS ON SKIN

    1. Creen que puedan ponerlo en la tienda devuelta? Cuando quise comprarlo no contaba con los cod necesarios y no pude comprarlo, por favor lo podrían poner de nuevo?

  2. i hear it was free?? i love these packs, looking to buy Dream Maker but don’t wanna give $oyn my money

  3. the blueprint attachments kinda suck, but this specific blueprint looks really cool with gold camo and damascus.