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  1. I just bought the bundle but now I can’t find the gun I’ve searched everywhere I looked it up I don’t even have it unlocked but I have the Calling card and weapon charm

    1. Eventually. Stop asking on here it’s a waste of time. Do what everyone else does and wait. I bought it as soon as I saw it because I knew it would take months for it to return. Be vigilant, NO ONE KNOWS WHEN ANY OF THE BUNDLES WILL RETURN

      1. If you go into your armory and look for a weapon that is part of the pack you want, you can buy the packs whenever you want. I just bought the pack now even though it isn’t necessarily in the shop at the moment.

    1. Notice me 1 just came back around today. The one from season 1 for the Oden. So just keep an eye out.

  2. Wow ronin now niko I guess if I keep bitching they will put talon back up there too! Please 😇

  3. Will i be back be i was on one day then it was off then it was back and now that i have the money to get it its gone again

    1. playboi carti fans: omg the lyrics are so deep and portray newer meanings for those who listen to it closely

      playboi carti: Will i be back be i was on one day then it was off then it was back and now that i have the money to get it its gone again

  4. The skin can only be used on the guns in the bundle. To use said skin select the armory option when ur picking a gun for a loadout. You can then edit the attachments on the gun.

  5. I purchased this on xbox one but it charged me twice for it. Is there a way to get my other 800cp back?

  6. I bought this thinking it was a skin and I haven’t unlocked the gun yet. Will I be able to change the atachcments when I unlock the gun and by doing so will I still keep the look of the blueprint

  7. You can level up the gun and unlock attachments, but until you get “2 long shot kills in 25 rounds with an lmg” you’re stuck with the waifu configuration.

  8. It is to the right of the spot for the gun since you don’t have it unlocked and have to load the blue print.

  9. But you can’t edit the attachments, fuck. I bought this thinking I’d be able to swap around the attachments of the blueprint without unlocking the gun (the challenge wasn’t registering my progress so the only way I could get this was through the blueprint) now I have a skin for a weapon that’s useless to use. Fuck

  10. For my case, i don’t own the gun, but I purchased this blue print, it let me equip the gun in load out and use it, but I can’t mod it even I level up the gun.

  11. You do NOT need to have the LMG unlocked to use the blueprint weapon.

    I purchased the pack and am able to equip the gun even though I do not have it unlocked.