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  1. You can always purchase old blueprints by going to the gun in your inventory (the weapon selection menu) and clicking on “Store”.

  2. So…
    What ever happened to the “Weapon Vaults”?
    Preorder the FJX Cinder Weapon “First Ever…..

    Where are the Mil-Sims?

  3. The ‘Weebmobile’, as a random teammate referred to it, is one of the better LTV skins imo.
    Despite being for the SA-B-50 and BAS-P, the art looks great and the blueprints handle well, I actually enjoyed the challenge of using these underpowered weapons. If only they had DMZ-cooldown timers :/
    Speaking of which, the Roze-Thorn bundle costs the same as this despite having way better DMZ items, so consider that.

  4. I had the Behind Cover as a callsign thanks to the glitch but now IW seems to have reset it and it’s gone.
    Man I want it back but 1800 Cod points is too much for just some skins

  5. Will you add the Cinco De Mayo bundle to your website? It was added back when Task Force Terror was added it has a Kastov and a Lachmann Sub.

    1. Hmm yeah I would like to, but unfortunately, I’m currently unable to access it through the armory or shop