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    1. I really want this bundle, missed it by one day. Please Please bring back. You guys are doing an amazing job with this game.

      1. You can get it if you go to mp5 in the gunsmith and choose blueprints and look for it and it’ll give you the option to buy

  1. Hi Bros I told You my story… Yesterday i can’t Buy the mad monarch cuz i spend a lot cp and today is to late for that the gun she dissapear for the store. Lold. Last night I buy five m4 so now i have all they five “rare” attachments on my m4. I need to finish the mp5 to the dame way so please get back this bundle, mΓ‘s monarch to the store sion, the season 4 is awesome, thanks for the m13 and all your job for the comunity. THX

  2. also which attachments does the mp5 have on this blueprint? maybe you could make it so that we could see the attachments, just a suggestion

      1. thx dude i was wondering if me and you could play some warzone together because ive never won a game before and i was wondering if you could help me win

        1. the guy who runs this doesnt work for activision, he just created a website so that people can see whats in the store