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  1. I used the SKS to do the unlock. I’m no good at quick scoping so the multiple shots helped. Just hit the trigger and ads at the same time.

    1. No, it has FTAC 488mm (Barrel), Tac Laser, Cronen C480 Optic, XRK Mastadon (Stock) and Stippled Grip Tape.

    1. no, only the blueprint. I think you need to get 3 quickscope kills using a sniper or a marksman rifle in 15 different matches to unlock the base weapon and start customizing it

      1. You don’t because the other weapons are the same. you only get the attachments with the Blueprint. the only reason you can change the attachments for the other blueprints is because you already own that Weapon. if you start from 0 in Cod, you wont be able to edit the guns in gunsmith till you reach that level. but because you are already over 55 you can use the gunsmith like normal.

    1. Nope but it does still unlock attachments and camos but one the gun is unlocked you can use the attachments.