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  1. You don’t have to wait for the store refresh, just go to “Customize” then to “Loading Screen” and search for the Engraved Dragon Screen, you can buy the bundle from there 🙂

  2. Still waiting for this pack to return. The person or ai running the store is trash. Bring back access to blueprints via loadout screen for the love of God ..

  3. Bring back the engraved dragon please. It’s one of the dopest packs and hasn’t returned since the start of the game. Meanwhile Santa been back multiple times and the soccer packs have been locked in place. Clearly by the comment section you’re losing money by not putting it back. Why do new packs return again n again meanwhile it hasn’t returned? I have points that have just sat waiting for it’s return I’m not buying the other lame season one packs meanwhile. . Do us one better and bring back access to store packs by loadout screen via weapon selection like it used to be so we can access packs not in store. You’ll make more money that way ..