Black Ops Cold War: Season One Preview

The Launch Day of Black Ops Cold War has officially arrived!

Black Ops Cold War is out now on PlayStation 5 (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, Singapore, South Korea; rest of world availability Nov. 19th), PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC via – all offering a cross-gen, cross-platform experience with unified progression.

This is the first cross-play, cross-gen, and cross-progression game in franchise history, and for the first time, we’re delivering free post-launch Multiplayer and Zombies content for everyone to enjoy with their friends across all platforms. It’s a big milestone for us, and we’re excited to bring the community together even further.


As you may have already seen in the first post-launch roadmap, there’s much more to come just around the corner.

Free content kicks off with the launch of Nuketown ’84 on Nov. 24th for all players, and with Season One starting on December 10th, this year is a big one.

Here’s a preview of what to expect in Season One:

  • New 6v6 maps, modes, and content

  • Gunfight returns with new 2v2 maps and modes

  • New Fireteam map and content

  • New Zombies modes and content

  • New Warzone experience: ***CLASSIFIED***

  • Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone

  • Seasonal Prestige progression opens up to 1,000 levels per Season, bringing new Prestige Levels, Season Challenges, and Prestige milestone rewards to the game

  • Cross-progression expands to Warzone and Modern Warfare

  • New Battle Pass system featuring new weapons, Weapon Blueprints, customization items + much more

As always, keep an eye out for a special holiday event later in the year as we finally put a bow on 2020. More details to come!

A message from Treyarch Studios:


Just a reminder before everyone jumps in today: toxic behavior, abusive conduct, and hateful speech have no place anywhere in our community or on our social channels. We have a zero-tolerance policy against such behavior, which includes (but is not limited to) personally attacking, bullying, harassing, trolling, cheating, griefing, impersonating, or threatening other players or Treyarch/Activision employees. Hate speech based on race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, gender identity, or other personal information has no place in the Call of Duty community. Period.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines here, and always remember to report other players who exhibit unwanted behavior in-game. You can report and block players by selecting “Player Details” on their name at the Scoreboard or from the After-Action Report.

Players can be reported for offensive language, exploits, cheating, boosting, offensive content, offensive usernames, and offensive clan tags. These reports go to dedicated security teams that monitor and investigate potential infractions 24/7.

Remember, we’re all humans on the other side of the screen! Be respectful and have fun out there.

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