Black Ops Cold War: Additional Fixes in Zombies & Multiplayer

Treyarch has pushed out some new bug fixes regarding the patch update. Check out the full patch notes below:

In today’s update, we’ve implemented various bug fixes and Zombies updates, including the restoration of Tier III Ring of Fire’s ability to pull from stock ammo for Wonder Weapons.



  • Added various stability fixes.

Field Upgrades

  • Addressed an issue that prevented Wonder Weapons from pulling ammo from the stock while using Tier III Ring of Fire.

Enemy AI

  • Addressed an issue that could cause zombies to stop attacking players after taking the Anomaly to the Dark Aether.
  • Addressed an issue that rarely caused Megaton to spawn near players unexpectedly.
  • Addressed an issue that caused incorrect Armor damage feedback for Heavy Zombies.


  • Addressed multiple issues with the Intel tab in the Barracks.


  • Addressed an issue that could prevent zombies from not making it to the exfil location.

Dead Ops Arcade

  • Addressed an issue where score was not being properly awarded.
  • Addressed an issue where the player could die by taking fall damage in the Silverback Slideways bonus room.


  • Addressed an issue that prevented certain Spectral Reflections from appearing in the map.


Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

  • Addressed an issue where the second match of Fireteam: Dirty Bomb could place the player into a Combined Arms lobby.



  • Addressed three UI errors that could prevent attempts to invite players from the party UI or from the Manage Party tab in the Social menu.
  • Double XP icons now display throughout lobbies, level loading screens, and the After-Action Report while Double XP events are active.

Also a reminder that the Nuketown ’84’ map will make its debut on November 24. Every player who logged in from when the game launched on November 13 to 10 a.m. PT on November 20 will also automatically receive the Nuketown Weapon Bundle.

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