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    1. I think it’s gonna be in the store somewhere at halloween, bc it’s kinda like a krampus skin. I’m waiting for nightfang to be in the store, but I don’t think he will be there for a while.

  1. Got it yesterday. Its still available. Searched the crossbow in the weapon inventory and found it there 😀

  2. NOOOOO I had been so close checking everyday until last week I had such a busy week and this bundle came and went 😭 I’m so sad

  3. wow, it was up about an hour ago for me then when I went to check for it again, it was already gone. Nuts!! Maybe they want this skin to stay super rare.

  4. y’all will probably get it next week! naturally I’m out of town so it will definitely pop! congrats!

    1. Where did you get that link? How can I get others? I know Grinch skins probably won’t be possible but what i can think of is to look for any other

  5. I send an email to customer support. They replied that it is still possible to get the asanbosam bundle as it should still be in the rotation

    1. the fact that you got a reply to a support email is crazy
      month 6 of waiting for this to ‘rotate’

  6. I don’t think it’s ever coming back, since Activision
    has stopped giving MW support, it’s patching cycle is done as far as they are concerned.

    1. “The Unseen” came back this week so there is a chance this will still be in rotation. Not sure about your comment about stopping MW support but I saw it for myself that the other one was in store rotation. I’m waiting for this one also.

  7. it may be coming back during October, (since it looks scary) but I can’t guarantee it since their mostly focusing on black ops cold war bundles. They haven’t even released the soap operator bundle which is a bummer to soap and cod mw fans.

    1. Tbh i hope they work on soap for a little bit longer, since he doesnt really look like soap all that much. More like Soap from Wish

  8. I also came to say, I wanted to buy this tonight, I think it may be one of the best suits you can get, the shading is great on it. Hopefully they bring it back, going to just get the blunt force 2 pack instead lol

    1. So you can only use this Ghillie Suit if you’ve already bought it… Call of Duty don’t do themselves any favours do they. PUBG it is then

  9. has This been Removed from the game to purchase? if you look in the “lone marauder” pack in the store, it is the exact same knife? makes me think this has been removed from the game…..

  10. That because it isnt in the store you just have to wait till he back in i dont know when it just when they choose put it back on the store

  11. It, alongside many other bundles, was removed entirely from the store and the armory. I’m not when or even if it will come back.

  12. This hands-down is one of the best skins in the game, it’s just I wish this bundle included other items. I’m pretty disappointed with most of the content included.

  13. I want to buy nikto take no prisoners bundle but it’s out now, it’s coming again or I totally lost the chance to buy it?

    1. Most packs can be bought by going to the armory. I got the Nikto Take No Prisoners pack from the melee blueprints page last night.

  14. I cannot find it in my store, is this coming back? I saw it in my Blueprint collection once and now it is gone when I want to buy them. Please put it up for sale again.

    1. Yes I cant find it in the Store or in the armory should I buy the big demon but that red gas mask isnt that Good for camoflage

  15. when you buy this do you instantly unlock grinch and the crossbow or do you only unlock one style of grinch (nightfang) and a blueprint for the crossbow?

    1. hi, bought this pack a while ago. You instantly unlock grinch, but you don’t get to unlock the crossbow, only able to use the blueprint version. The blueprint version’s still fine. One-shot body shot (excluding feet and hands I think).

  16. anyone knows if this skin wil stay on store until tomorrow? I need to buy, but i cant open the game today. 🙁

      1. I want to buy this bundleeee …. !!! Return this bundle in store please. When time this bundle come back again ?

  17. Очень ждём с ребятами возвращения данного пакета, верните пожалуйста данный набор в магазин!

  18. playing with the crossbow =/= unlocking the crossbow. You can’t do any gunsmith work on those blueprints and it sucks.

    1. RIP off it shows this on store. Then I got some coins. And when I went back. It had gone again. Done this to me twice now.

    1. They will level up your battle pass, lets say you are battle pass level 35 a 2 tier skip will bring you to 37.

    1. You can still use the crossbow that you bought, only thing you can’t do is customize it till you unlocked it.

      1. I’ve bought the load out and I can’t seem to use night fang in multiplayer . either it’s a war zone skin only or I seem to be doing something wrong but before match starts I’m night fang and when it begins I’m otter one of the other characters?? Anyone any useful info they can help me with ???

        1. Have you tried putting Allegiance as your “Favorite Faction”? If it is set to Coalition you will get Otter instead.

      2. Wann ist der Skin wieder im Store zu erwerben ?

        When is this Operator Pack back in the store to buy it ? Hope asap