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  1. I want to buy nikto take no prisoners bundle but it’s out now, it’s coming again or I totally lost the chance to buy it?

    1. Most packs can be bought by going to the armory. I got the Nikto Take No Prisoners pack from the melee blueprints page last night.

  2. I cannot find it in my store, is this coming back? I saw it in my Blueprint collection once and now it is gone when I want to buy them. Please put it up for sale again.

    1. Yes I cant find it in the Store or in the armory should I buy the big demon but that red gas mask isnt that Good for camoflage

  3. when you buy this do you instantly unlock grinch and the crossbow or do you only unlock one style of grinch (nightfang) and a blueprint for the crossbow?

    1. hi, bought this pack a while ago. You instantly unlock grinch, but you don’t get to unlock the crossbow, only able to use the blueprint version. The blueprint version’s still fine. One-shot body shot (excluding feet and hands I think).

      1. I want to buy this bundleeee …. !!! Return this bundle in store please. When time this bundle come back again ?

  4. Очень ждём с ребятами возвращения данного пакета, верните пожалуйста данный набор в магазин!

  5. playing with the crossbow =/= unlocking the crossbow. You can’t do any gunsmith work on those blueprints and it sucks.

    1. RIP off it shows this on store. Then I got some coins. And when I went back. It had gone again. Done this to me twice now.

    1. You can still use the crossbow that you bought, only thing you can’t do is customize it till you unlocked it.

      1. I’ve bought the load out and I can’t seem to use night fang in multiplayer . either it’s a war zone skin only or I seem to be doing something wrong but before match starts I’m night fang and when it begins I’m otter one of the other characters?? Anyone any useful info they can help me with ???

        1. Have you tried putting Allegiance as your “Favorite Faction”? If it is set to Coalition you will get Otter instead.

      2. Wann ist der Skin wieder im Store zu erwerben ?

        When is this Operator Pack back in the store to buy it ? Hope asap