5 August 2020 – CoD MW Warzone Item Store


Operators & Identity Heavy Hitter Operators & Identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle Lone marauder operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundleBlue Steelie featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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  1. WTF! I went into the store as soon as Season 5 was ready and I was AMAZED to see that the Wendigo Bundle was back! I immediately purchased it, only to get booted out and find that my COD points were spent and I did NOT HAVE THE BUNDLE!!! Now I have to contact Activision today to figure out wtf happened.

  2. Waiting for mother lode blueprint for the grau looks awesome with gold tracer rounds, any idea when you think this might be on the store?

    1. new bundles usually come out between Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I expect it to be a featured bundle when it shows up in store. Love the skin since it looks clean.

      1. would be cool if the grau had something like the cryodismemberment we had for the Wendigo bundle. Maybe the bullets turn parts of the body into gold?

    1. is this the “slaying moon” blueprint? it comes out with the Mara Bundle. I’m pretty sure it’ll be quite a while before it comes out since the bundle also comes with a dual sword blueprint. We already have a dual sword blueprint in the shop right now so “after everyone spends their money” is my best guess.

    1. love the riot shield in the Eternal Samurai pack. Gotta say, IW is making so many well-designed skins. Unfortunately, this season’s battle pass is full of hot doodoo garbo fires.

    2. Bird execution. Imagine training years in the army to fight alongside and against foreign nations, just to be killed by a brick, finger guns, and a crow.