4 June – Warzone and MW3 Patch Notes


  • Warzone Rewards
    • Under the Mode challenges, the Plunder challenge has been changed to “Complete 20 Plunder Games.”


  • Medical Cabinets
    • Perk Packs can now drop from medical cabinets.
  • Precision Airstrikes
    • Precision Airstrikes have been reverted back to their previous functionality prior to Season 4.


Light Machine Guns




  • Min Damage decreased to 22, down from 27.
  • Max Damage Range decreased to 17.78 meters, down from 29.21.
  • New Damage Ranges Added
    • Near-Mid Damage set to 27
    • Near-Mid Damage Range set to 30.48 meters.
    • Mid Damage set to 25 
    • Mid Damage Range set to 45.72 meters.

The DG-58 LSW was a bit too dominant at range, so we have introduced a gradual damage falloff which keeps it competitive at those close-mid encounters, but now falls off slightly as you approach those long range fights.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Bomb Drone UI to remain on the players screen.
  • Fixed an issue preventing controller players from opening the “Manage Party” function when their squad is full. 

Modern Warfare


  • Prompt to restart the game after changing your Activision ID now functions as expected.



  • Bug Fixes
    • While the Looping Killstreaks modifier is active (Season 4.0), the earn progress HUD widget will now reappear after earning the highest Killstreak.
    • Corrected placeholder images in the Killstreaks and Equipment tabs of the Armory Unlocks menu.
    • Addressed an exploit allowing Custom Mods to be saved with multiple Attachments equipped to a single category.
    • Weekly Challenges menu now displays the correct Season 3 Camo name.
    • Tokyo map now displays the correct name in the Combat Record.


  • Critical Countdown DNA samples will no longer appear in Private Matches.


  • Highrise
    • Fixed an issue causing environmental explosives to occur in CDL and Ranked Play modes.


  • Escort
    • Joining a match in progress will no longer display an inaccurate timer.
  • Infected
    • Identity Theft Finishing Move now works as expected on Infected team members.
    • Inaccurate Scores are no longer displayed when a match ends with few players.
    • Fixed an issue causing matches to disconnect with a Connection Timed Out error.

Infected has returned to the Quick Play filter and Private Matches.

  • One in the Chamber
    • Fixed an issue causing poor performance during the Final Killcam.

Weapons & Attachments

Submachine Guns

  • Superi 46
    • Terminal V and Atoll-Z4 Suppressed Barrel Attachments now hide operator position from the minimap as intended.


  • RGL-80
    • Decreased camera shake dealt to victims upon explosive damage by 60%.


  • Cluster Mine
    • Fixed an issue preventing kills from contributing to Killstreak earn progress while the Streaks Earn Streaks modifier is active (Season 4.0).
  • DNA Bomb
    • Players using Scorestreaks now earn the DNA Bomb at 25 Kills, as expected.



  • Fixed an issue preventing Strike Team Operator customization after recruitment.


  • Sergeant’s Beret companion will no longer shoot the Server during a Ground Station contract.
  • DNA samples for the Critical Countdown Event can now be collected in Dark Aether Rifts.
  • Addressed an exploit bypassing Stash size limits involving Elder Sigils.

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