4 August 2020 – CoD MW Warzone Item Store

Featured Operators & Identity Lone marauder operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundleBlue Steelie featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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  1. I just read Activision’s blog post about season 5 and there is a picture of Kawaii Mara and an anime outfit for Roze! She’s wearing a red Notice me anime outfit with blonde hair slicked back! Take a look at the post about vehicle music being added to the game.

  2. Has to be tomorrow with the season 5 update then surely? Don’t know why when it says it’s a season 4 bundle on the game and it’s being released in season 5?

    1. Hyped for Season 5?!? I’ve been hyped for the Mara bundle for Weeks! This is ridiculous. How much longer do we have to wait……be honest.