27 June 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

Featured Operators & Identity The Texan Call of Duty Modern warfare item bundle

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  1. When can we get access to see all previous bundles to purchase previous bundles we couldn’t at the time. Or have a way to delete bundles we aren’t interested to begin with so we don’t see them again. Like the Texan.

    1. It’s a clever marketing tactic to “randomize” what appears in the shop. The company forces you to either wait for the bundle you want, or buy your way to remove the slots in the item shop. If new bundle comes out, the item shop gets filled with unattractive or repetitive bundles (i.e, the blunt force bundle) so your attention gets focused to the newer bundles. A way to get more options is to go to your loadouts, select a gun that appears in the bundle you really want, and click on the yellow button on the right of the “gunsmith” button. This shows you most of the bundles that contain that specific weapon. select the bundle that you want from there, and you will be able to buy the bundle. This only works for older bundles. To be fair, this is a really mean marketing tactic since it reaps more profit from mistakes the players make.