25 November 2020 – CoD MW Warzone Item Store

Sakura: 1350 CP (1800)
Iskra: 2000 CP (2400)
Saw: 2000 CP (2400)
TTCM: 2000 CP (2400)
Dr. Karlov: 2000 CP (2400)

Operators & Identity

Cloack and Dagger operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle


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  1. How do you get the discounts listed here? You’ve had them listed for two days now but myself and everyone I’ve talked to have not been able to see them in-game at all

    1. The sale was supposed to be still there for 5 more days, but it has disappeared for some people earlier than expected. But I can 100% confirm the sale was there, we checked with multiple people, accounts and regions. Hopefully they bring the sale back since it probably was bugged for some like yourself.