24 May 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

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The reaper featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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  1. Fun Idea: either have a frequently updating item shop, or add more bundles to the item shop. So tired of waiting for pink tracers

  2. No change again…. please, change the store everyday.
    I’m still waiting for the Armed Response pack. You keep rotating the same crap over and over…
    Not all of us are weed smoking teenagers, Blunt Force? No thanks, for the 10th time…
    My “Just for you” bar has only ever had one thing I was interested in, “British Steel” surely you would link things that I had actually purchased with items to put on this bar. Also, I don’t want to purchase 20 tiers as I maxed 100, weeks ago.
    If you refresh the shop everyday it will make people purchase more! If the item that someone is thinking of buying is likely to disappear in 24 hours then they are more likely to buy it and not debate it.
    So please, refresh the store everyday, completely and with new content.

    1. Completely agree.
      For me in just for you there are sometimes the same things that come back in the same week, and of course, bundle of which I have never used the weapon or even the operator.