23 March 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

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Blue Steelie featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle

The Unseen featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle


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  1. My fiance tried to buy the Tracer Pack: Anime bundle yesterday, but it disappeared from the store right after she got her COD points… Such an irritating system. Now we have to wait who knows how long to get it.

    @Kevin, unfortunately there’s no way to know when it’ll be in the store next… Just have to sit and wait and hope for the best…

    1. Yes that is correct, also quite unfortunate that you weren’t able to get the Anime bundle 🙁 hopefully it comes back soon since it’s really popular!

  2. hello a question i need the anime tracer bundle but this bundle dont come the shop on the 22.03.2020 and 23.03.2020 is equal