21 May 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

Featured Operators & Identity Blueprints

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  1. you have to have at least 1700 CP if you want the Security Detail bundle, you first need to buy the cheapest bundle available at the time, like the Oversaturated bundle at this moment, it costs 500 CP, and the Security Detail bundle will appear immediately after you bought the said bundle, I know this extra cost is ridiculous, but that’s how it is, can’t do anything about it

    1. bro can you show prrof do you have instagram i will dm you and will try it right now !! im done waiting for months for a skin

      1. that’s what I just did bro, and it worked for me at least, the SD bundle lies in the Op & ID category, so I think you have to buy one of the bundles in that category in order for the SD to show up

        1. im scared man i only have 1100 cp i don’t know if i can risk it ..these bundles ain’t cheap lol… did you like the new ak47 blueprint in the bundle ?

          1. yeah it looks so smooth bro, especially when you put a camo on it, it looks so much cleaner compared to camo on the base AK, and I really enjoy the all black polymer default stock and handguard

        1. not really sure, but my theory is that when you buy anything off the item shop, a random bundle appears in its place. There really isn’t a “secret item shop”, just extra bundles that take place in slots you purchase. Best bet is to stay patient or buy packs related to the bundle (so it appears in the “for you” area). Again, not too sure if this is how it works, but I bought anime-style bundles and the anime tracer pack appeared in the “just for you” part of the item shop.

          1. Typically how long does it take for an operator to come back around in rotation? I came into the game a little late and missed it when it was available, and now I am starting to worry that I will have missed out for good on this pack with the clock ticking down on season 3. I have been checking in daily hoping I at least catch it in the “just for you” section but nothing yet. it’s been 4 weeks now since Ronin bundle has been in the store.

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  2. funny how in the last couple of days we saw 3 multiple blueprints for the famas while nobody ever plays with this gun….

  3. Alright, tips for those who wants the Security Bundle – buy the cheapest operator pack you can find, it appeared right after I bought it… this what happens when I’m REALLY impatient

    Pretty scummy store if you ask me

    1. Buying a random bundle definitely doesn’t guarantee the Security Bundle so beware before buying.

      1. are you guys incharge of the store rotation if so can you please put the bale security detail bundle for tomorrow ?

      2. I definitely had this in mind, yeah. I haven’t bought anything from the store so this was pretty much a shot in the dark for me

      1. I bought the Oversaturated pack, it’s currently the cheapest one in this rotation which is 500

  4. Is the website bugged? surely Modern Warfare employees wont put the same shit in the item shop again, right?

    1. The store updated a little bit later than normally, so we thought the store didn’t update however it is now corrected.

  5. waiting for the security detail bale bundle for months now !!! it’s sad when we see all these bundles get multiple rotations every other day but the bundles we want we get to see them once in a lifetime

  6. A week with no changes or rotation? Why? Still patiently waiting on the featured operator’s return. Clock is ticking, and I am starting to get worried I will have missed out on Ronin. Please, please bring back Ronin. Rotate options in the store.

  7. wow just wow im done fuck you fuck your store and fuck your game !!! sh*t haven’t changed for a fucking week all we see is lame and boring bundles that nobody gives a fuck about ….people been rrequesting bundles for the last month and we haven’t seen not one of them you obviously don’t give a fuck about the fans…you just want to show us the same and same bundles again so we have to buy them in order to see new ones you scammers