17 May 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

Featured Lone marauder operators & identity call of duty modern warfare item bundle
Operators & Identity Blueprints

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  1. I seem to understand that the intention is almost always to offer the most expensive bundles in rotation together with the least attractive ones (rotating them as little as possible) so that the purchase of the most expensive bundles is preferred (tired of waiting for the desired bundles)

  2. Everything is fucked up, I’ve been waiting for Mace’s package for weeks and it doesn’t show up, very little rotation and the same fucking operators always show up

  3. your store is scammy showing us the same sh*t over and over again to make us buy the sh*tty bundles so we don’t see them again …

    1. its been like 5 week since arachnid and lights out bundle were out!!!! shady store ive even bought trash stuff just to rotate and still nothing the same old trash bundles appearing every 2-3 days all i want is the holger necrosis blueprint and darkness bale skin.

  4. iskra is been here for a fu**cing week !!! she needs to be gone and not forever like you will probably do !!! just leave bundles for a while and bring it them back in a few days or in a week instead of showing us the same shitty bundles over and over !!!! the store rotation needs to be changed !

  5. this store roation is a joke stop it with the same sh*t over and over …either you give us everything to chose from or don’t repeat the same sh*t every other day ….every operator skin and blurprint should get the same amount of apperance on the store !!! their is bundles that we’ve seen only one time and others we get every f****ing time …..i basically got 3 same bundles from yesterday !!!!change this pleaaase

    1. Exactly 5 fucking week ive waited for arachnid and lights out yet i see the same trash bundles rotated every 2-3 days