12 July 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store

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Battle Hardened blueprints call of duty modern warfare item bundle

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    1. Yep and still no sign of the Armed Response pack!
      Did you think you’d heard the lady from me!? 🤣
      Put a word in please and get them to put it in store! 👍🤞

      1. same, I’ve been waiting for the new Mara bundle for a while now. I have the cod points to get it but it never seems to show up…

      2. Codmwstore has said time and time again. That the people who run this site have NO influence or any way that they can talk to the devs from Call of duty. Joel… we get that you’re obsess with the Armed Response pack from season 3 for some reason. Stop wasting your resquests on here, find another way for Activision to hear your begging about a pack from last season.

        1. Society, where would you suggest I try?
          I know CodMWStore has no influence over what is put in store, my comment was meant “tongue-in-cheek” following my last exchange with him/her.
          There seems to be a few bits of content (sprays,gestures) that are either being withheld or removed due to the BLM movement and I wonder if this pack is one those items.
          If you could suggest a link as to where I can get more genuine info then I’d be grateful.