11 May 2020 – CoD Modern Warfare Warzone Item Store


Operators & Identity

The Unseen featured call of duty modern warfare item bundle


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  1. Please bring back the Executive Armory V blueprint bundle back! I love the gold Camo with the iron sight scope on the M4A1. It’s a must have for your collection of guns. Thank you! Please always stay safe and healthy!

  2. I would love to see and agent, like business suit guy, kinda like bond..
    Or chole gangster
    Or a ninja..
    Any of those I would buy instantly…

    1. Its been literally over a month since it was last out….Im also waiting for lights out bundle and that hasn’t been back either it was out same time as arachnid….i don’t understand how they haven’t been back in store for over a month yet im seeing the same trash ones in my store every couple of days….Also store hasn’t even changed today for me except for a free gift

      1. Yeah man, I don’t understand, some packs come back very regularly, they put me 2 times in the same week the same packs in “just for you”.
        It’s very frustrating